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Young professionals

We want to give you the best start in life so you can lead your self and handle increasing demands – private and at work. You get tools and training in personal leadership – a “manual” that helps you go for the stars in a sustainable way!


You get young, motivated employers working and acting ambassadors for you. A golden “resource” that many companies are desperately searching for! At the same time you are contributing to reach six of EU Global Sustainability goals!


As a partner you support the development of young professionals and you make it possible to “close the gap” faster. The gap between the young and work life.  A bonus is that you also contribute to reach six of EU Global Sustainability goals!  

Several options to get on board


FOB Enterprise

When a company offers a FOB program to their employees we tailor each program to fit the organization and their employees. All programs will be announced here at the webpage and at Instagram.

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FOB Open Sessions

These session are open for any youngster 18-30 years. Employed or on private basis. We have open sessions starting several times yearly. Minimum 5-Maximum 20 participants. Interactive, collaborative learning and great discussions during 9 sessions.


FOB One-to-one

If you want to be coached individually by a personal Youth Coach you plan your 9 sessions with your coach and get an exklusive education and training on times that suits you the best. You can enroll as an employee or private.

Ongoing program right now - FOB Tosselilla Sommarland


We have developed youngsters and leaders in over 10 years. We know what we are doing and why

We are here for you

This is not a project or a quick fix. It is a life-long comittment. We are here for you - today and tomorrow


When mixing education with practical training we go from inspiration to action and results! Walk the talk!

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Future On Board