Grow young potentials and your business!

Taking the leap into work life is associated with many challanges for both youngsters and employers. 

Many companies witness that most youths find it hard to adjust to work life and the increased demands. Here Future On Board helps to close that gap by educate and train the youngsters in Personal Leadership. The skill that is necessary to be successful and sustainable in (work)life! 

To get the youths on boards we work in 4 steps:

future on board
 Step 1: Youths Participate in Personal Leadership Youth Program.  9 webinar sessions where they  get tools that helps them navigate in (work)life. >>> Read more
Step 2: Practical training in Personal Leadership at work. Here we train your leaders to coach the youngsters to success >>>  Read more
Step 3: When finishing program and shown great skills in personal leadership at work the youngsters will be F.O.B-certified. 
Step 4: Certified are saved in ” F.O.B Recruitment database”. Here you can search for high potentials and marketing your business to this group of stars >>> Read more

What you get as employer

  • Educated and trained young professionals
  • Young professionals strong in personal leadership (responsibility, motivation, positive attitude etc)
  • Growing next generation of leaders
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Easier to recruite
  • Strong brand among young professionals
  • Contribute to development of young people
  • Opportunity to use Future on Board in marketing
  • Contributing to reach six of EU:s sustainable goals

Step 1, Personal Leadership Youth Program

This program is specially designed for young people and you will get knowledge, tools and inspiration to lead your self to your full potential! The program is in 9 sessions and you will learn more about who you are, your strenghts, learn how to set motivating goals – and how to reach them! You will also learn about how to beat obstacles and prevent stress and the importance of co-operation and trust!

Session 1 – Where am I? Where do I start?
Session 2 – Discovering my strengths
Session 3 – Setting goals and achieving
Session 4 – Emotional Intelligence
Session 5 – Responsibility and Resilience
Session 6 – Positive attitude
Session 7 – My relations
Session 8 – Power of giving
Session 9 – Bridge to work-life


Step 2, Practical training

The best way to “internalize” new knowledge is to practise it. Therefore an important part in F.O.B. is your workplace where the youngsters get to train and develop their skills in Personal Leadership and excel in their professional roles. 


For it to be successful your leaders need to be involved in the process so they can support and lead the youngsters in the right direction. The leader closest to the “young team” is also responsible to follow up and check each individuals on the criterias needed to get a certification. 

Step 3, Certification

To be certified you need to:

  • Attend all 9 seminars at the Personal Leadership Youth Program
  • Get “pass” from your employer during your work-period on these criterias: Attendence, Take responsibility, Positive mindset, Co-operative, Ambitious,  Communicative and Perform according to role

Step 4, F.O.B Recruitment base

All F.O.B. certified youngsters are saved in this exclusive database. Here you can:

  • Search among the stars
  • All youngsters show their CV and vision – where they want to work today and tomorrow. And why
  • Recruiters can´t se name, gender or looks. It is a fully non-discriminating process!
  • Market your business towards this group 

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