What We Do


We work with personal leadership so you can take control of your life and make your own path of the future. Two professionals in life coaching take on the challenge to make you feel motivated and help you live a balanced life with a positive attitude.


With future on board you get education and training in personal leadership aswell as knowledge and tools for your next job. With a 4 step program we will guide you for a lifelong journy of confidence, and tools to help you reach your goals in a happy and healthy way
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Taking the leap into work life is associated with many challanges. Future On Board helps to close that gap between work and experience by educate and train the inexperienced. With this 4 step course the youngsters will learn a lot about themselves and work environment.


All great teams need dedicated supporters! By supporting our mission we can help more youngsters on board. There are different ways you can be a supporter. You can contribute as a sponsor or you can dedicate your investment to a certain project. Please let us know your ideas and we will for sure set something magical up!

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