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Get Youths On Board!

Grow young potentials and your business!

Taking the leap into work life is associated with many challanges for both youngsters and employers. 

Many companies witness that most youths find it hard to adjust to work life and the increased demands. Here Future On Board helps to close that gap by educate and train the youngsters in Personal Leadership. The skill that is necessary to be successful and sustainable in (work)life! 

To get the youths on boards we work in 4 steps:

four steps to get on board
Step 1: Youths Participate in Personal Leadership Youth Program.  6 live webinar sessions where they  get tools that helps them navigate in (work)life. 
Step 2: Practical training in Personal Leadership at work. Here we train your leaders to coach the youngsters to success 
Step 3: When finishing program and shown great skills in personal leadership at work the youngsters will be F.O.B-certified. 
Step 4: Certified are saved in ” F.O.B Recruitment database”. Here you can search for high potentials and marketing your business to this group of stars 

What you get as employer

  • Educated and trained young professionals
  • Young professionals strong in personal leadership (responsibility, motivation, positive attitude etc)
  • Growing next generation of leaders
  • Increased customer satisfaction
  • Easier to recruite
  • Strong brand among young professionals
  • Contribute to development of young people
  • Opportunity to use Future on Board in marketing
  • Contributing to reach six of EU:s sustainable goals

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