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Välkommen till världens bästa företag


We grow young professionals to lead tomorrow


We have developed individuals in Personal Leadership for over 10 years. We know what we are doing and why.


This is not a project or a quick fix, It is a life-long comittment. We are here for you - today and tomorrow.


When mixing education with practical training we go from inspiration to action and results! Walk the talk!

Våra tjänster

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Young professionals

We want to give you the best start in life so you can lead your self and handle increasing demands – private and at work. You get tools and training in personal leadership – a “manual” that helps you go for the stars in a sustainable way!

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You get young, motivated employers working and acting ambassadors for you. A golden “resource” that many companies are desperately searching for! At the same time you are contributing to reach six of EU Global Sustainability goals!

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As a partner you support the development of young professionals and you make it possible to “close the gap” faster. The gap between the young and work life.  A bonus is that you also contribute to reach six of EU Global Sustainability goals!  


Are you an entrepreneur and want to give your young employees a good start in working life and at the same time benefit from more motivated employees, easier to recruit and become a company that young people like and want to work for? Contact us today and we design a plan that fits your needs! 

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Open Sessions

These session are open for any youngster 16-30 years. Employed or on private basis. We have open sessions starting several times yearly. Minimum 5-Maximum 12 participants. Interactive, collaborative learning and great discussions during 6 sessions plus and Introduction. Let us know when you are interested and we find a start that suits you!


If you want to be coached individually by a personal Youth Coach you plan your 6 sessions + Introduction with your coach and get an exklusive education and training on times that suits you the best. You can enroll as an employee or private. Contact us for a tryout session!

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