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A total of 6 sessions, 2 hours per occasion

For who

Youngsters 16-30 years, employed / private basis


Max 12 participants per group.​


The coaching takes place in English.​

Open Sessions

We develop young professionals in Personal Leadership

For many people, the transition to working life is associated with a lot of stress and many new demands. With Future On Board, we educate and train young people in Personal Leadership.


They receive a sought-after “manual” that helps them get on board to working life in a sustainable way. They become confident in themselves, learn to manage their strengths and areas of development and how to set and achieve goals. They also learn how to deal with messy emotions and setback, how to overcome obstacles, and prevent stress. Finally, we emphasize the importance of cooperation and trust.

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Program Content

Session 1:

Self-awareness. Who am I?! Build yourself strong from within

Session 3:

What do I want? My dreams and learning to set and achieve goals

Session 5:

Building turbo motivation and managing stress

Session 2:

My different roles in life. How to lead myself in these different roles?

Session 4:

Dealing with obstacles and setbacks on the way to my goals

Session 6:

The importance of trust, communication and collaboration

This is given to each participant

Structure: 6 live web coaching sessions of 2 hours per occasion + Introduction 30 min. 

During the meeting, the participants are coached both in groups and individually. Along the way, the participants gather concrete tools for how they can lead themselves, and each meeting ends with the participants setting concrete goals for what to work on for the next time. 

The development and results become visible from day one because they practice their personal leadership in everyday life! The coaching takes place in English and manuals/tools are available in both English and Swedish. 

Max 12 participants per group.


Per participant: SEK 9500 excluding VAT or 900 USD. 

The cost can be divided into four parts for private individuals.