For Sponsors

Support Youths To
Get On Board!

All great teams need dedicated supporters!

Many companies witness that most youths find it hard to adjust to work life and the increased demands. Here Future On Board helps to close that gap by educate and train the youngsters in Personal Leadership. The skill that is necessary to be successful and sustainable in (work)life! 

By supporting our mission we can help more youngsters on board.

There are different ways you can be a supporter. You can contribute as a sponsor or you can dedicate your investment to a certain project. Please let us know your ideas and we will for sure set something magical up!

What you get as a supporter

  • Contribute to development of young people
  • Opportunity to use Future on Board in Marketing
  • Strong brand among young professionals – easier to recruite and young ambassadors for your business
  • Access to recruite young professionals from FOB database
  • Contributing to reach six of EU:s sustainable goals

F.O.B Recruitment base

All F.O.B. certified youngsters are saved in this exclusive database. Here you can:

  • Search among the stars
  • All youngsters show their CV and vision – where they want to work today and tomorrow.
  • And why recruiters can´t se name, gender or looks. It is a fully non-discriminating process!
  • Market your business towards this group 

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