Why Future On Board?

We need to close the gap

There is a short and a long answer to why Future On Board is here and released in january 2022.

The short version is: 

Because it is necessary! 

  • There are too many youngsters struggling to figure out how to manage adult life and the increasing demands both in private life and at work. Many youngsters are “burned out” before start working. 
  • There are too many business owners and leaders struggling to manage and recruit young professionals. They say they either have youngsters going too fast or not at all. The ones working are running too fast and do too much. At the same time there are too many not showing up at all or are so fragile when it comes to motivation, taking own responsibility and resilience. 

We need to close this gap and make sure that the young could manage work life. We have the experience, tools and knowledge to do a lot of this job. Future On Board is a concept within Situationsinriktad Ledarutveckling focusing on youths and we start by launching in Sweden.

For a bit longer, personal version – meet Therese Hoveman our Founder and Rami Daccache F.O.B  Youth coach. 


  • The number who have received a mental diagnosis or been prescribed psychotropic drugs at the age of 10-17 during the last decade has increased by 100%. The corresponding figure among young adults, 16-24 years, was close to 70%. (Source: Socialstyrelsen)
  • Young people who received care for depression or anxiety syndrome in child and adolescent psychiatry more than tripled during 2006 -2019. The most common psychiatric diagnoses are anxiety disorders, hyperactivity disorders and behavioral disorders as well as mood disorders such as depression. (Source: Socialstyrelsen)
  • Teenagers say they are online “almost constantly”, and another 44% say they are online several times a day. (Source: https://www.pewresearch.org/)
  • About 15% of all pupils in compulsory school do not receive full grades and thus reduced opportunities for self-sufficiency and mental well-being in the future. (Source: Socialstyrelsen)
  • Mind receives approximately 25,000 anonymous calls each year. A majority of the applicants are 15-24 years old. Many describe loneliness and that they have difficulty coping with life’s challenges. 21% state that they rarely or never have an adult to talk to. More than half have ever had a friend talk to them about not wanting to live anymore. (Source: mind.se)
  • The total societal costs of psychiatric conditions are estimated at close to SEK 170 billion annually, which is the largest cost component for diseases in Sweden. (Source: Socialstyrelsen.se)


This is a life long commitment. We are here as long as there are young professionals and employers that need our support to train young professionals in personal leadership. All around the globe.


A dreamgoal is 2023 certified F.O.B youngsters in the end of year 2023.


Head, heart and movement. We give you knowledge and tools so you can lead your self and go from inspiration to movement. We are here for you and we want to be your supportive friend for life. One heart at a time.

Personal leadership is for every one

Personal Leadership is about the ability to lead oneself. To know oneself in depth and take full responsibility for the person you are, your actions, choices and future.

It might sound easy, but as soon as you realize what personal leadership actually means it becomes clear that from now on almost everything comes down to you!

As an adult you are fully responsible for your own success and failures. It is up to you to design the future you want, and it is up to you to get yourself there. All along dealing with the challenges that will occur – both physical and mental. It is up to you to allocate the energy, spark and discipline that is needed to set those goals and to achieve them. 

At the same time it is comforting to know that everyone can develop their personal leadership! It is not an ability you are born with and not something some people are naturally gifted at. There are no special prerequisites, educational levels or other socioeconomical requirements. Personal leadership is about an inner power. Even if the outer circumstances are limiting or chaotic, the individual can still develop a strong leadership and find the strength in that. Personal leadership is for everyone and it is a skill that is never fully acquired. It requires constant care, training and development!