We are so happy to see you here. Welcome! When coming “on board” with us you become part of something really amazing. A journey that started several years ago in Florence, Italy. We were both attending an international conference with our former organization – Leadership Management International and from the first time we talked we both thought – “Heyyyy!…Wow…Here is someone with the same ambition, values and drive like me!”. What interesting things can we do together?! And here we are years later – launching F.O.B! 

Therese Hoveman

Therese Hoveman
  • Founder of Future On Board and Situationsinriktad Ledarutveckling
  • Master of Economics, Lund University
  • Certified Leadership Developer
  • Over 6,000 coaching hours of leaders in small, medium and large organizations
  • Coached hundreds of young professionals in Personal Leadership 
  • Certified user of Psytest – LSI Leadership Style Inventory
  • Recognized by Leadership Management International (LMI) as one of the world’s foremost in the profession as leadership developer
  • Over 20 years of experience as a leader. CEO, Marketing Director and Sales Director. 

Driving force: Making a difference. For real!

Values: Balance. Inspiration. Trust.

Everyday life: Lives in Kvärlöv, a small Swedish village with her husband and two children (-05 and -09)

In leisure time: Family and home. Soccer mom. Dog walks. Read. Mountain biking, skiing and mountain life. Tabata coach.  Discover the world local and global. Listening to country music while cooking.

Call: +(46)706-98 37 34
Mail: therese@situationsinriktad.se

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Rami Daccache

Rami Daccache
  • Youth Coach at FOB
  • Bs in Biomedical Technologies, Lebanese German University
  • Coached thousands of young professionals in Personal Leadership 
  • Over 10 years of leadership  experience. Executive Director, Sales Manager and speaker in coaching industry
  • Youth Leadership Program with United Nations Development Program and coached Lebanese Red Cross
  • Accredited Strengths Practitioner, Center for Applied Positive Psychology, Cappfinity, UK
  • Recognized by Leadership Management International, USA as International top sales olympic and performance award

Driving force: Spreading Enthusiasm and Motivation, for a “whatever it takes” mindset.

Strengths: Listener, Empathetic, Esteem Builder

Values: Leadership. Love. Challenge. Loyalty.

Everyday life: Lives in Okaibee, Lebanon and work at Byblos, Oldest inhabited city in the world.(where the first letters of the alphabet 7000 years ago were invented by The Phoenicians.) 

In leisure time: Reading, Fishing, Playing football. Swimming. Exercise workout. Discover the world local and global. Love music and listen to classic, alternative soft rock while cooking. 

Mail: rami.eldaccache@gmail.com

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